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Easydrips Demonstration Video

Welcome to, home of the Easydrips ® Felt cutting machine.

For those who have ever tried to cut drips for a flat or felt roof will almost certainly have battled with somewhere to measure, some way of cutting the material, and some way of achieving professional results first time - every time. Rolls of felt can be heavy and awkward to carry - especially on roofs, all together it is often difficult to achieve a top quality professional standard cut on ALL drips ALL of the time.

Now with the Easydrips felt cutting machine you can save time money and effort and get perfect results every time! If you are a professional roofer, the Easydrips felt cutting machine will pay for itself again and again and again.

The Easydrips felt cutting machine is easy to use and easy to set up, you can now cut drips for a roof in a fraction of the time with, a minimum of effort and consistent perfect results with every single cut. Watch the demonstration video to see just how easy it is to use.

The Easydrips felt cutting machine is used in National Construction Colleges throughout the U.K. helping the next generation of roofers attain a superb quality and finish to their work. With preset slots for the guide you can cut the most common sizes of drips without even having to use a ruler.

Here are just some of the benefits of the Easydrips felt cutting machine.

Easydrips 001 Easydrips 002 Easydrips 003 Easydrips 006 Easydrips 007 Easydrips 008 Easydrips 011 Easydrips 012