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About Us

Nick Lloyd is the creator and founder of Easydrips having been in the building industry for over 30 years. Starting out as a general builder, Nick established an enviable reputation as a highly talented roofer - flat, felt, pitched, tiles etc.

As his skills and experience grew, Nick would always look at how to get the job done both professionally and quickly - without cutting corners - but saving time, money and energy.

Throughout the years Nick was always frustrated at the awkwardness and amount of time spent cutting drips when working on roofs. Like so many builders he thought "If it was only done like this...".

However, Nick took it further: working closely with a manufacturer a prototype was designed and tested - with fantastic feedback and Easydrips was born. Tools were then made (in the U.K.) and a batch made with samples being put through their paces by a number of roofers and builders.

During this testing process, Nick approached the N.C.C. (National Construction Colleges), in the U.K., asking for feedback from both tutors and students. The response was extremely positive and encouraging with the offer of using the Easydrips felt cutting system throughout all the colleges.

Being a roofer and builder with high professional standards, the specifications and considerations in the design of the Easydips felt cutting machine would benefit ALL users of this system.

Construction from hard wearing ABS plastic will help resist wear and tear from abrasion by green mineral felt and general usage as well as improve longevity. The Easydrips felt cutting system must be cost effective, easy to use, set up and dismantle, and be easy to store (i.e. on a van) - this would make it highly portable and useable in almost any place. All types of felt - green mineral and Torch on - should be able to fit on the Easydrips felt cutting machine. All results must be perfect - everytime, all the time.