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Easydrips Felt Cutting Machine - Complete

Easydrips Felt Cutting Machine

Ref: ED_001

Save time, money and effort, quick and easy to set up and take apart and use. Portable, work anywhere and can be used with both Green mineral and Torch on felt. Fantastic results each and every time, the machine has preset slots set to standard size drips in both metric and imperial measurements: 12" (305mm); 14" (356mm); 16" (406mm) and 20" (508mm), also a preset slot for 3" score mark. The machine can be used either left or right handed. Made from hard wearing materials.



Component Parts

Easydrips Bar


  • Ref: ED_002
  • Replacement bar for holding roll of felt
  • £20.00

Easydrips Upstands


  • Ref: ED_003
  • Replacement upstands (pair) for holding roll of felt
  • £30.00

Easydrips Guide


  • Ref: ED_004
  • Replacement cutting guide
  • £40.00

Easydrips Base


  • Ref: ED_005
  • Replacment base for cutting felt with Easydrips felt cutting machine.
  • £40.00