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Here are some testimonials from past and present customers:

Robin Stringer, RCS Roofing

"I would like to comment on how impressed I am with the Easy drip system. I too have been a roofing contractor for over 30 years and anything that makes the job easier is welcomed. I can see that this system is very beneficial as regards speeding up the job, keeping the work area tidy and in my opinion is extremely cost effective. I will definately be recommending easy drips to other roofers."

Newsoms Building and Roofing

Saves a lot of time on the job, no hassle finding space to work and best of all it saves me money!

Simon Frost, Quality Roofing Services

I have been roofing for 36 years and nealy always have trouble finding a clean flat surface to cut the green mineral felt drips, until I bought an Easydrips cutter. It's so much faster and easier that even the labourers do a nice job cutting the drips, which in turn frees me to get on with the roof. The Easydrips cutter saves me time and money and most of all nice straight drips every time.

Colin Pane Roofing

Good value for money and good to see something that works for left ahnded people as well.

Sam Ripley, Roofer

Well worth the money, even bought a second one so my son can use it on his own jobs rather than 'borrow' mine.